From a former co-worker Tony F.

Brian has a breadth of experience in Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain capacities and in my time working with him over the years I have witnessed him time and again demonstrate an ability to effectively diagnose and solve problems that create positive financial return for business units. His analytical repertoire and experience in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Project Management, and other operating disciplines allows him to be a valued partner and a terrific choice as a business consultant. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking help to improve their business’ financial performance.

From a former co-worker Rachael H.

In my role implementing new Supply Chain process and systems, I worked with Brian for many years and quickly came to rely on his expertise to help us ensure we understood the need and implemented an effective solution. Brian was a key partner to accurately define business requirements, patiently drive adoption in cross-functional  teams, and tirelessly identify needed adjustments. His strong work ethic and dedication are unmatched. I would welcome any opportunity to work with him again.